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   "Uniting Passion, Powering Dreams"


2024 Spring Season (Jan 21 2024 - May 19 2024)


                           Cap off the Lightning Spring Season at the                                                                          CalCup International Field Hockey Tournament                                                                  

   May 24-27 ( included with registration!)

Fall season starts : Aug 11, 2024

Saratoga High school Stadium



  • Sheetal Saini      (President)
  • Dhiraj Sehgal     (Secretary)
  • Joerg Tonndorf (Treasurer


  • U08: Coach Conor
  • U10: Coach Balram,  Coach Aman
  • U12: Coach Yad,  AC Angad
  • U14G: Coach Rajneesh, AC Jill
  • U14B: Coach Peter,  AC Chenmay
  • U16B: Coach Jagatbir
  • U16/19G: Coach Clare ;  AC Margie
Sponsored by Meet Our Sponsors: Madras Cafe Sunnyvale

Meet Our Sponsors: Madras Cafe Sunnyvale

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A heartfelt thank you to Madras Cafe for their incredible and generous support of Lightning Youth Field Hockey .Their support is critical in empowering our team and ensuring our success. Thank you for believing in our vision and helping us reach even greater heights! Please check them out here:

1177 W ELCamino Real. Sunnyvale, CA 94087, USA.





AGES 5 - 18 years old

K - 12th grade

All Skill Levels



Lightning offers the following teams - aligning ages and mixed-boy-girl with USAFH designations. 

  • U8 Mixed: born before 01/01/2019; cut-off: 01/01/2016
  • U10 Mixed cut-off: 01/01/2014
  • U12 Mixed cut-off: 01/01/2012
  • U14 Girls and U14 Boys cut-off: 01/01/2010 
  • U16 Boys cut-off: 01/01/2008
  • U16/19 Girls cut-off: 01/01/2005

Lightning Youth Field is a Non Profit 501(c)(3) EIN: 87-3769932 and is a member club of the USA Field Hockey Association.

Our Mission is to teach field hockey skills and game fundamentals to youth in a recreational and supportive environment.




Equipment Required








**USAFH Membership (required to play)**

Please acquire the following items for your Player. These are available for purchase a sporting goods stores and also on Amazon.

  • Shin Guards (required to play)
  • Mouth Guard (required to play)
  • Field Hockey Stick (see size chart, available to purchase at: Longstreth Sporting Goods,HFS Sport, etc )
  • Water Bottle
  • Cleats / Turf Shoes
  • Pinnie provided by Lightning Club


Lightning Field Hockey's Partnership with Longstreth Field Hockey

We are excited to announce that Lightning Field Hockey has established a partnership with Longstreth Field Hockey, a renowned provider of field hockey equipment and apparel. As part of this partnership, we are pleased to offer you a special discount to use when shopping with Longstreth.



Uniform Store

2022 Spring U08 with Coach Connor


Team players with Head Coach -USA Men's Field Hockey, Mr. Harendra Singh

U10 Team with Coach Balram and Coach Aman

U10 Team with Coach Balram and Coach Aman

Team with Coach Jagatbir, Coach Yad, Coach Margie,Coach Rajneesh and Coach Aman

U08 Mixed: One-on-One Drill

U08 Dribbling Drill

2021 Summer Lightning vs SF Hawks at Cal Berkeley Clinic

U12 at Cal Berkeley Tournament With Coach Yad


Lightning Youth Field Hockey has two main seasons:

Fall (Aug-Dec) and Spring (Jan-May),

and we offer age-based teams. Each season has a mix of Practices and Tournaments/Clinics.


When: SUNDAY mornings 
Location:  Saratoga High School Stadium & Soccer Field

Our Sunday practices are a mix of warm-up/fitness drills, individual skill work, and scrimmages. We have an expectation that our players attend a minimum of 80% of our practices to be eligible to play in tournaments. 


Tournaments and Clinics are optional and their fees are included in the registration. They are opportunities for our players to learn the game, playing with and against other youth clubs. Most of our tournaments are local, as far north as San Francisco, east to UC Davis, and south to Gilroy.


Tournaments are optional - they are opportunities to us to play against other youth clubs. For tournaments, the Club asks players' parents to mark their attendance so that the Coaches can develop a line-up for the game(s).

  • For U8 and U10 teams, line-ups are less important - players are rotated through the 3 positions: forward, mid, and defense.
    • Tournaments retain more of a social feeling than a competitive one.
    • Lightning players and parents are expected to collectively with the players and parents from the other clubs  foster a friendly and supportive environment. We all want the sport of field hockey to grow. 
    • We promote rounded development of players, positive sports experiences.
    • We focus on creating a strong foundation for more competitive play at the older levels. 
    • During games we aim to give every child as much play time as possible.
  • For U12 and up, players are more often assigned to a position to develop a deeper understanding of that position during game-time. 
    • We become a bit more competitive; individual player's play time will begin to vary more.
    • A player's attendance and/or participation level at practice will factor into playing time.
    • We substitute frequently during the games, and a player's skill level and experience at that position will impact substitutions.
    • Individual skill, prior tournament experience, confidence, and leadership on the field are all aspects considered by the coaches when selecting team rosters and positions.
    • Goalkeepers are usually required and players who elect to be goalkeepers begin specialized training. 


Your support will ensure that our athletes have the tools they need,to excel and be safe on field

How to sponsor 

Check our Sponsorship page and Click the above Donate Button 

USAFH membership

All players are required to be members of the United States Field Hockey Association/USAFH to participate in Lightning practices and tournaments. The annual membership must be purchased directly from the USFHA. 

No need to declare or switch Club Affiliation. If you do not know if you would prefer to declare your Club Affiliation, or if you are already assigned to a different Club, you do not need to declare or change to Lightning in order to join our Fall Season.

2022 Spring U14G

U14 Girls Team with Coach Rajneesh

U12 Players having FUN!

2022 Spring Tournament at Cal Berkeley


Questions? Please email us at :